First post/Eating in Indonesia

Hey everyone! So it is about time that I start my blog.  Sorry for the delay but I have been extra busy getting settled in and starting the semester at Lone Star College-Jakarta.  Plus we are preparing for our SACS accreditation visit so I hope everyone will keep me and all our staff and students in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks.

So for my first post I will talk about what everyone asks me about first… food!  The food here is definitely different, but I think the biggest change has to be the portions.  Overall the portions here are probably about half of what we would eat at home, at least me but you all know I’m a big guy.  If you are eating local cuisine every meal, including breakfast most of the time, includes either rice (nasi) or noodles (mie).  At the grocery store they have aisles and aisles of the three essentials, bags of rice, ramen noodles and cooking oil which leads me to my next point… Almost everything in Jakarta is fried including meat, veggies, fruit, tofu, tempeh, and everything else you can think of. So to give you an idea of what I have been eating I am including some pictures of the lunches I have had at work.  One of the many benefits of working at LSC-J/USBI is that we get lunch delivered every day. Each lunch starts with a thermal cooler of white rice which you can get as much as you want.  Next we usually get some soup in a bag along with a portion of meat and/or tofu or tempeh.  The meal is usually topped off with a piece of fruit, yakult (to help with digestion), or a gelatin cup. 

The other thing that people usually ask me about is the American food here.  Well I will say that most of the fast food places are here including McDonald’s, Burger King, but the two most popular seem to be KFC and A&W.  One thing that is very popular here and can be found at any restaurant including McD’s and BK is fried chicken, there is even a restaurant chain here called Texas Fried Chicken.  In fact, although I really have only eaten at KFC 2-3 times, I am very tired of fried chicken already. 

At the grocery stores you can find a variety of American food that is sometimes very expensive.  One meal I miss a lot is tacos, but tortillas are like $5 for 10, cheese is very hard to get so it’s very expensive.  We found a reasonable priced salsa the other day that tasted pretty good but wasn’t very hot.  The two things I miss most are my morning coffee with liquid creamer and Dr. Pepper.  Here everyone drinks instant coffee and if you prefer creamer you drink white coffee which is instant coffee with powdered creamer and sugar.  I have only found liquid creamer and Dr. Pepper at one store and the creamer for probably a 50 oz. bottle was 199,000 Rp which is about $19 and the DP was about $1 for a 12oz can.  So for now I will drink a DP for special occasions and am drinking white coffee which is pretty good.

So I think that is enough for now, but I will definitely share more as I am introduced to more types of food. As my son Jordan says, Bon Appetit!


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